Lamb Painting at PDCA Residential Forum

The PDCA Residential Forum is a peer-driven national platform for all residential painting contractors, offering inspiration, education and support.  This year’s AST 14 conference was in Baltimore and over 50 painting contractors or their employees attended.  It was a two day conference with speakers and discussions on working “in” your business and working “on” your business.  Some of the topics included hiring and training, company structure and growth, marketing, technology, leadership, and long term strategic planning.

I, Cara Parsons- Project Coordinator for Lamb Painting, went to this conference and attended both days of classes as well as evening networking events sponsored by Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.  It really was a great way to talk to other business managers who have the same struggles and to hear how other companies have overcome challenges and how they stay organized and successful. There were round tables with 6-8 colleagues and after every speaker we would have around 15 minutes to discuss the main points.  This was the best for me, as I got to know other leaders in the painting industry more personally and develop relationships with them.

This Forum, the things learned at the conferences, and the relationships with colleagues is all a benefit to our customer.  The forum provides a great resource for tips and hints and strategies on how to run a successful business, the conferences provide networking to learn from other painters and leaders and what they are doing to help their customers, and the relationships provide a support network in every dynamic of the painting business.  My favorite quote from the conference was, “This is a service industry, painting just happens to be what we do.”

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