Lamb Painting: A Lead Paint Certified Contractor

There are so many older homes in the Black Hills and Lamb Painting is making the required steps to be able to help resident and company owners of property contaminated by lead paint. In May our lead painters attended a rigorous training seminar in Rapid City and became certified to work with lead paint.  Making a home with lead paint safe for its inhabitants involves jumping an almost endless number of hurdles but Lamb Painting is prepared to take on this challenge to assure safety to the people who come into contact with the contaminated property.

If your home or property was built before 1978 there is a chance that lead paint is present, possibly even in the soil that surrounds your property. For adults, lead paint can be the cause of the following effects:

· Muscle and joint pain

· Nerve disorders

· Fertility problems for both men and women

· Digestive problems

· High blood pressure

· Problems with memory and concentration

· Sexual disorders

Lead paint can be very harmful to the health of an adult but is much more dangerous for children. Even when the child is still in the womb it is affected by lead paint. Miscarriages, premature births, brain damage, and low birth weight can be caused by pregnant women coming into contact with lead paint. Children under the age of six are at the highest risk. Lead paint can cause speech, language, and behavior problems, attention deficit disorder, nervous system damage, decreased intelligence, learning disabilities, and kidney damage.

Now that you know the problem it is just as important that you know the solution. Lamb Painting is certified to test your home or property for lead paint and make your home or property safe for the people who come into contact with it. We have made the investment of sending our crew leaders to special training to guarantee our ability to protect our clients and employees. To make your home safe we follow procedures specified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA procedures ensure that lead contamination does not spread, is properly disposed of, and properly contained for your safety.

The presence of lead paint is not an issue to take lightly especially if children are involved. Lead paint can only be properly contained by trained, certified, professionals. The price of removing and containing lead contamination may be high but the health risks of not doing the work are higher. If lead paint is your problem; Lamb Painting is your solution.

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