Lamb Painting Paints St. Onge Water Tower

Hello Everyone!

The crew at Lamb Painting just got done with one of our favorite kinds of jobs…a challenge! We were recently selected to paint the St. Onge Water Tower. In order to complete the job, we had to use our lift. After we figured out how to get the lift to the job site, we had to wait for a day without too much wind. A day without wind in South Dakota is hard to find, so our crew had to put up with a slight breeze. With each gust there was a slight sway to the bucket of the lift when it was raised, so now you can see why we considered it a challenge for our crew!

Our crew also had an audience that was quite unruly. The horses that were used to having the run of the land did not like the lift when it was running. Even with these distractions, our crew produced great results with the finished water tower.

Enjoy your day,

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