Key to a Good Paint Job: Prep Work

Prep work is often the less thought about part of painting. However, prep work is the most essential part to a great paint job. Many contractors or do-it yourselves don’t do the proper amount of prep work. There are three main parts to a paint job:

  • Sanding – There are three reasons why you need to sand: Strip a surface, Smooth a surface and to scuff a previously coated surface.
  • Primer – Applying a good coat of primer will result in a good paint job.
  • Masking – Taking the time to mask and cover things up will help keep your home clean. Paint can be messy and be a hassle to clean up.

A professional painter will be able to identify the proper procedures for each individual project. We take ownership in every project. We will make recommendations to the owners on proper procedures, through the painting process. As the premier painting contractor in our area our name and reputation is on every job. Please do not hesitate to call us with questions about your project. Painting isn’t simply putting paint on the wall, it is so much more than that!

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