How to Choose the Correct Painting Contractor for YOU


When choosing a painting contractor, whether exterior or interior, commercial or residential, it is important to know that cost is not the only factor a homeowner should consider. It is a good idea to ask for estimates from several contractors before hiring, but how do you know which contractor is right for you?

All paint jobs are not the same.  You want to make sure that the painting contractor you hire is offering you the quality you are expecting before deciding to just go with the cheapest bid. A lot of times, the cheapest bid means that the contractor is cutting corners somewhere – usually with the amount of surface preparation.  Be sure to understand exactly what the contractor is including, so you don’t get any nasty surprises or paint failure. Details to pay attention to include:

  • How many coats of paint
  • What level of surface preparation
  • Application method – brush and roll vs. spray
  • Scheduling

In addition to quality and price, it is important to review the painting contractor’s reputation.  Look through their website or ask if they have any references, or places you can go to see some of their previous work.  A painting contractor who does good work they are proud of will readily have information available to you.  Make sure that you feel comfortable developing a working relationship with the company.

At Lamb Painting, we pride ourselves on our reputation.  We are also the only PDCA accredited painting contractor in the area.  This means that we uphold our work to impeccable standards.  We enjoy having a working relationship with our customers, and have confidence that our customers can look to us as professionals in our field.

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