Employment Process and Application

Lamb Painting Employment Application

When we are in need of increasing our employee workforce, we establish a new hiring period.  We are not always ‘accepting applications’, rather only during a given hiring period. Please fill in the form below to request more information and to learn if we currently have a hiring period in place.

At Lamb Painting, every employee is expected to conduct themselves in a professor manner.  Employees are required and expected to perform their position in a professional manner and to exhibit proper interaction and behavior at all times.

Our employees will complete each job in the safest manner possible.

In addition to ongoing employee safety training and project related safety awareness training, each one of our employees is required to pass a drug test before they are hired.  We also have a zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use.  If an employee is suspected of a violation of either while on the job, they are expected to take an immediate drug test.  Upon failure they are terminated.  This is a safety policy and we do enforce it.

Our employees are also required to supply a driving record when applying. Employees represent the company and the need for employees to hold current drivers license is mandated.  This policy also help insure only those with safe driving history are driving a company vehicle.

Learn more by completing and submitting this form.  Thank you.